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Life Groups

The purpose of Life groups :-

To explore the Christian faith together to enable growth in knowledge, understanding, experience of the Christian faith in an enjoyable environment.

In a Life Group there will probably be the following components:-

Social - coffee/ refreshments, time to chat informally and to get to know one another
Praise/prayer/worship time - this could include singing, or music, or reading a psalm or a prayer.
Study - this will be either Bible-based or other Christian material
Discussion - asking questions and general exploration
Reflection- what is this saying? What is God saying to us through this?
Sharing- so that we can encourage each other and be supportive
Practical application- how can we apply the Christian teaching that we have learnt to our lives today?
Prayer -this could be thanksgiving, or petition (asking for God’s help or guidance), or intercession (to bring our needs or the needs of others for prayer).

This term we will be looking at how we pray and follow the example that Jesus set as he prayed in different times and places throughout his life.  We will be using the resource material Before Amen by Max Lucado.

We have groups that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings and we welcome new members. 

For more information contact Frances O'Donohoe on 01225 703187

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