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Image 1 for WeddingsWe like to think that we take particular care to make a wedding a really special occasion for a couple. People are entitled to be married in church if they live in the parish or are on the church’s electoral roll. The present rules about marriage in a Church of England church means that there is much more flexibility regarding the choice of your church for your wedding. If you don’t live in the parish, and aren’t on our electoral roll, it’s sometimes possible to be married in church, if you can demonstrate some links or connection with the church. To find out more go on the Church of England website or ring us to ask. There is also a lot of useful planning and other material on this website for couples preparing for marriage.

Marriage can be offered to couples where there has been a divorce, but this will involve a confidential preliminary discussion with the priest to determine if this is possible. We like to help couples to plan for their marriage. So we run marriage preparation sessions. These entail 2 evening sessions with other couples marrying in our churches and are led by clergy and Lay Pastoral Assistants.  A couple will then arrange an additional time with the priest who is conducting the service, to discuss the details of the marriage service.

Then, in the week before the wedding, there will be a rehearsal in the church. The marriage service says that marriage “is a gift of God… and a means of his grace”. At a wedding we’re celebrating, first and foremost, the love of a couple for each other and their desire to spend the rest of their lives together. But we’re also celebrating God’s love for all people and for the world in which we live.

If you’re thinking about a marriage in the Benefice in either of our churches, please contact Shona Hoad

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