BaptismBaptism services are special occasions not just for the families of those being baptised but the whole church community. Baptisms therefore take place in the context of the 11.00 a.m. Sunday service for the whole church. In order for the services to be ‘personal’ usually no more than two baptism families are involved.  In Atworth, Baptisms are held on the first Sunday in the month whilst in Shaw they are on the second Sunday in the month. 

We understand baptism (or christening, as some people call it) as the recognition of the beginning of a person’s journey with God. It is when we celebrate the miracle of new life and desire to grow in the Christian faith through belonging to the wider family of the church.  

Preparation for baptism generally involves meeting with one of our team where we will talk about what baptism means and explain what’s involved.  Where possible we like to meet with the godparents as well to enable any questions to be answered and for the Baptism Service to be looked at in detail.

Baptism is often an excellent chance for the whole family to become more involved in the life of the churches in our Benefice and we do encourage people to see baptism as an important moment on an exciting and longer journey of faith with God, and with us. We also offer a Thanksgiving Service or ‘naming and blessing’, which some people prefer, as this is a good beginning, asking for God’s blessing on the child, without having to make promises which are required when a baptism is chosen.  If you have an enquiry about baptism or thanksgiving, then please contact a Church Warden.

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