Financial Giving to our churches

Regular Giving

We are so thankful for the faithful and regular giving that individuals make to support the work of our Benefice.  Although sometimes it seems as though there is a never-ending call on our financial resources we are very grateful to those who are willing to support the mission and ministry of our church community here. 

Here are some of the things that it is possible for us to do as a result of that generosity:

·         A staff team of clergy and laity working together to help develop relationships across the parishes seeking out those who are in need and bringing hope

·         Services in our churches each week

·         Children’s and youth work through our involvement with schools and pre-schools as well as our own Holiday Club

·         Opportunities for families to explore faith together through Messy Church and other ad hoc events such as the Easter Exploration

·         Church buildings that are open every day of the year for worship and prayer; available to every member of our community at every stage of life; places of welcome and rest

·         Churchyards that are tended and cared for and available to anyone who lives in the parish for burial


If you would like to make a regular financial contribution to help us in our mission and ministry here the simplest way is to sign up to the Parish Giving Scheme.  The scheme allows you to make donations on a regular basis to suit your circumstances and has the added benefit to us of automatically collecting the Gift Aid return if you are a UK tax payer.  Donating through Gift Aid means that we, as a charity, can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra.


One-off donations       

One-off donations are also much appreciated and it may be that you would like to make a gift in memory of someone who has died or perhaps as a celebration of a wedding anniversary.  Again, such contributions can often be given with Gift Aid added so please do speak to the church treasurer in the first instance to see whether this is possible as it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to reclaim some of the tax you have already paid.



Sometimes an individual wishes to leave an amount of money as a lasting gift to the church in their will and we are very grateful when that happens.  Please read our legacies policy here.


For more information on giving to our churches please speak to our church treasurers:

Christ Church, Shaw                      Mr Clive Briggs              01225 708840

St Michael’s, Atworth                     Mrs Lynne Spencer         01225 707161

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